Common Grammatical Errors: Everyday vs. Every Day

I’ve noticed a tendency in many writers to combine certain 2-word phrases into one word. One of the most common pairs of words I have seen people put together ungrammatically are “every” and “day.” Please note: “Every day” does NOT mean the same thing as “everyday.” Be careful when you choose to create this compound word about what you really mean to say.

Self-Marketing 101: Ten Tips for Creating a Killer Resume

The old-fashioned generic resume, with its tired and tedious chronological list of jobs and responsibilities, no longer cuts it. Your 2009 resume needs to be a knockout marketing piece that highlights your strengths and helps you stand out from the crowd. Of course, writing such resumes is fun for us professional marketers who savor any creative opportunity to talk about ourselves, not much fun for everyone else.

Websites: What Companies Need to Know When it Comes to Their Website Needs

People are often in a rush to get something, anything, up on the Internet. Because the average business owner is inexperienced at web design and related terminology, website companies that are anxious to offer a cheap, yet profitable (to them) service, bring up a website on the Internet that may or may not help the client generate additional revenue…the goal of commercial websites.

Developers Don’t Do Docs: How to Get Your Technical Documents Done Right – by Tammy Young, technical writing consultant for The Essay Expert

Why not have developers write technical documentation? After all, they likely designed the software, or at least had a hand in the design. Don’t they know the software best? Yes, perhaps they do, but that does not make them the best candidates for writing manuals, or even Help files.