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How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile… and 18 Mistakes to Avoid

By Brenda Bernstein

The #1 Best-Selling How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile contains 18 strategic LinkedIn CV tips PLUS 7 Bonus Tips on how to get found on LinkedIn and get the results you want.

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If you want to identify and strengthen any weak points in your LinkedIn profile, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile is a must-read.

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LinkedIn CV Tips

This e-book contains 18 strategic LinkedIn CV tips PLUS 7 Bonus Tips on how to get found on LinkedIn and get the results you want!

  • Improve your search rankings
  • Impress visitors with an eye-catching photo and background image
  • Build connections with etiquette and ease
  • Showcase your strengths with an effective, unique LinkedIn Summary (examples included!)
  • Make the most of your Experience and Skills sections
  • Optimize format and structure
  • Share valued activity updates
  • Utilize special sections to your advantage
  • Leverage LinkedIn’s Jobs function
  • Give and get persuasive recommendations
  • Publish on LinkedIn
  • …and more!

Follow The Essay Expert’s LinkedIn CV tips, and you will create a frequently visited and highly effective LinkedIn profile.

If you want to identify and strengthen any weak points in your LinkedIn profile, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile is a must-read. Follow The Essay Expert’s advice, and watch your LinkedIn activity skyrocket!

Brenda Bernstein is the Founder of The Essay Expert LLC, a company that constructs powerful LinkedIn profiles that get people and companies noticed. Some blog articles by Brenda:

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This should be required reading in any undergrad business class prior to graduation!

~ Eric Bartosz

After updating my profile based on the advice in How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, I’m succeeding not just in building my network but in getting offers for different job positions in my country and abroad. My last two jobs came through LinkedIn and am getting offers for part-time and full-time jobs, asking me to relocate to Montenegro, UAE, Germany, Ireland, Czechoslovakia and other countries. I’m the IT guy “total package” thanks to my LinkedIn profile. Now I’m controlling what to do and what jobs to accept or not.

~ Jasmin Kahriman, System Engineer & Technical Writer

Bernstein has done it again, and again, and again. Each year she updates her Killer book with new changes by LinkedIn and her latest recommendations. This year’s book is chock-full of ways to improve Profiles, tweak your LI presentation, and get the attention of others on LI. Now this colossal gathering of essential information is available in print format. Get your hands on it! But wait. There’s more! Each copy entitles the purchaser to receive FREE annual updates in PDF format. I’m in on the deal, and lovin’ it.

~ J. R. Hollingsworth J.D.

Many people are beginning to truly understand the strategic networking power of LinkedIn, but it’s surprising how few have adopted good habits when constructing and maintaining their LinkedIn profiles. Personal branding and sending a concise message to people who visit your profile is critical. Brenda Bernstein’s e-book holds key profile strategies and important tips on avoiding networking pitfalls. As a LinkedIn trainer myself, it’s good to know I have a resource like this for my clients to help them after they’ve left my classroom.

~ Michael Phelps, LinkedIn Trainer

A lot of books provide good information, and then leave it up to you to apply this information to the real world. Not so with Brenda’s How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile… which is full of actionable information ready to be put to immediate use.

– James Beal, CEO at

How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile will walk you through, from start to finish, how you can develop the perfect profile to make sure you are getting the results that you want. Whether you are job-seeking or looking to increase your professional connections this ebook from Brenda can help!

– Robert Shindell, Director at InternBridge

I was in a career transition and had been stuck for weeks on how to maximize my LinkedIn profile’s potential. This book not only got me to 100% but I got an interview within a week of implementing the changes – and I got the job! This book is a must for anyone in career transition!

– Zachary Myers, Engineer