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Listen to what John Abe, High Tech Executive, Silicon Valley, CA, has to say about his experience with The Essay Expert’s Executive Resume & LinkedIn Profile Success Package service.

I am a retired senior leader with the Federal government and a Fortune 500 technology company, and I highly recommend The Essay Expert to any C-level executive needing to develop a resume, bio and LinkedIn profile. After working with The Essay Expert, I saw an immediate increase in positive employment contacts as well as Board opportunities (both paid and unpaid). My writer, Liz, was friendly, patient and diligent. She responded to my questions promptly and truly captured the essence of who am I and my career accomplishments. I completely trust Brenda and her top-notch team with all my career-related documents.

– Senior Cybersecurity & Technology Leader, Federal Government & Fortune 500

My LinkedIn page continues to get a high volume of hits and my resume truly reflects the depth and scope of my experiential knowledge.”

– Elizabeth Cooper, Corp Counsel / Assistant General Counsel

I got the interview for the Executive Director position I was hoping for! The Essay Expert’s insights were so helpful and their dedication amazing.

– Carrie Warren-Gully, Treasurer of Board of Directors/Executive Leader, Colorado Association of School Boards, Littleton, CO

Through the interview and resume development process, the Essay Expert was able to frame my skill set to maximize my presence in the current employment landscape. I was able to focus on my unique strengths and interests to develop my own personal brand. This has helped me in internal meetings with global stakeholders, resulting in increased compensation, multiple job offers, and a seat at the table… all at my current company before launching a job search with my new resume.

– Sr. Director of Medical Affairs, CA

I have an atypical career path, and knew I needed a resume and LinkedIn profile writing company with sensitivity and talent. I am so thankful to have found The Essay Expert. Upon completion of the LinkedIn profile, I sent out invitations and began receiving compliments on the “professional” and “engaging” format of my profile. I soon obtained a role as Chief Operations Officer at a construction and real estate development law firm, in part due to the excellent resume from The Essay Expert. I have now referred all three of my children to Brenda and her team. I genuinely appreciate the high-quality services you are providing each of us.

– VP/GM Level Operations Executive, MBA, PMP

I received two promotions with the resume and cover letter The Essay Expert created for me – first to Regional Sales Director and then to National Account Executive at AT&T. I also used an edited version to land my current job!

– Stephanie Byrnes, Service Administrator at Waunakee Area EMS, WI

I’m still reaping the benefits of Brenda’s work with me ~5 years later, across 2 job searches. Brenda asked extremely thoughtful questions to understand my work experience and helped me articulate it in the best possible way for the types of positions I was looking for. Thank you!

– Amit Srivastava, Lead, Senior Director, Pfizer, Boston, NY

I sent four resumes and heard back from two. Received two offers for employment and I have taken a job in Fort Collins Colorado. Thanks again for everything!

– Sales Executive, Fort Smith, AR

I just wanted to thank you on my resume as I ran it by the head of the Medical Device Supply Chain Council that I belonged to and he said it was the best resume he ever saw, and he sees a lot.

– W. C., Director of Global Operations, Norfolk, MA

I saw an immediate and dramatic improvement in the quantity and the quality of inquiries and invitations to interview after re-launching my LI profile, and I accepted an offer as VP of Global Marketing after just 2 months. Worth every dime.

– S.I., Chief Marketing Officer, Chicago, IL

As a result of my LinkedIn profile changes, I have had 17 requests made of me to meet with various potential clients and partners in just a few weeks!

– Aaron W., Business Consultant, Madison, WI

I have my first interview (using my updated resume) for a corporate counsel legal position (Spanish skills required) for a big company in my home city.  I’m sure my updated resume played an important role!

– Anonymous, Attorney

Finally changed jobs. Your resume was a big, big help in landing my new job.

– T.F., General Manager in Global Manufacturing, Asia

Kudos to The Essay Expert! I sent the resume and I did get a call from HR and further discussions should happen in few days.

– S.I., Banking COO/Treasurer, Bangalore, INDIA

I was offered a job at A Safe Place and I accepted it! I am excited for this new beginning in my life, and I want to thank you for helping me make this a reality. I never had to look for a job using a resume before, and I was lucky to have you in my corner helping me with my job search. THANK YOU!!!!!

– Pat Davenport, Non-Profit Executive Director, Zion, IL

The Essay Expert translated my lengthy C.V. into a compelling two-page resume suitable for corporate opportunities, distilling 20+ years of academic and consulting experience into a cogent set of value propositions. I recently secured a dream job with 2tor, Inc.

– Aneil Mishra, PhD, Vice President of Curriculum and Faculty Relations, 2tor, Raleigh-Durham, NC

The feedback from recruiters and hiring managers on my new resume has been quite amazing. It’s hard to believe, but the traction I have received since publishing the new version two weeks ago has but me in the running for 5 positions. It might have been timing, but I think it’s the new resume.

– S.B., Global Sourcing Executive, Los Angeles, CA

The proof is in the pudding, and I am thrilled that my keyword search hits on LinkedIn have skyrocketed. I have also sent my resume to several contacts and have had a positive response thus far. If you want an executive resume service who does what they say they will do, and does it well, The Essay Expert is your clear choice.

– Jim M., C-Level Executive, Pittsburgh, PA

It more than paid off to have an executive resume that was professionally done. It made such a difference in my presentation for job interviews and consideration. I was offered and accepted a full-time Director of Development position with a prominent non-profit organization in New York City. This position has increased my salary by $50,000 and I am seen as an expert in the field. I attribute much of this to our work together.

– F.B., Non-Profit Executive, New York, NY

I worked with The Essay Expert on condensing 4 pages and 24 years of professional experience down to a succinct 2 page Executive Resume that was instrumental in helping me land my new CEO position.

– Rudy Krupka, President / CEO, Code Violation Services, Inc., Denver, CO

With my new resume, I quickly secured a job with a base salary of $150,000. Was it worth it? I think so.

– Jonathan Howell, Bankruptcy Attorney, Dallas, TX

Brenda was instrumental in designing/restructuring my resume to concisely demonstrate my years of hard work! She is outstanding in her field, easy to work with and provides excellent customer service. I had immediate success with her help, and received the position I was seeking, within a few short weeks!

– Jane McCarthy, ICU Nurse Manager, Madison, WI

I love The Essay Expert’s service. They were super responsive and I’m extremely satisfied with the quality of their work. The branding and professional presentation of my LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter were greatly improved. I saw a 50% improvement in LinkedIn views already and that number has been growing daily. Thank you!

– David G. Kloak, Ph.D., Organizational Psychologist & Leadership Coach, Chicago, IL

My resume turned out great and I got a great job soon after I sent it to a recruiter. My resume was instrumental to me getting the interview and my position at IBM. Without your help, I did not even know all the skills I had!

– Director of Sales, Madison, WI

Once my resume and LinkedIn profile were polished and perfected by Brenda and her team, I was off and running! So thrilled to be starting my dream job on Monday. Thank you Brenda!

– Grace A. Carlson, MBA, APR, LEED GA MBA in Sustainable Systems, Seattle, Washington

I used my brand new CV (and cover letter) multiple times and made a dozen interviews in English for jobs in London, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

– Nicolas Sitbon, Software Developer, Mantes-la-Ville, France

I applied for several state positions with my new resume, and received several interviews; however, I didn’t actually change jobs because I ended up securing an internal position with my current employer. I was able to use the resume Brenda and her team wrote to help justify the reclassification. HR could see the extent of my experience, so my supervisor fought for me to be in a higher classification with higher pay.

– Carrie Wilkey, Webmaster & Communications Strategist at WI Dept. of Children and Families

When I first hired The Essay Expert, I was aiming to land a digital accessibility position with a particular organization. For the first time in my 20-year career, my goals, values, resume and LinkedIn profile were all in sync. I got interviews at two companies, and a job offer at one, where I eventually became a Lead Accessibility Architect. I was able to build on the foundation created by The Essay Expert, and five years later, I just accepted my dream job as an Accessibility Engineer at my first-choice organization. I’m truly grateful that The Essay Expert was there with me at the start, helping me to build my career in the direction I wanted.

Mitchell E., CPWA, Berlin, Germany

The responses increased drastically. My new company approved my application within no time.

– Karthikeyan Subramanian, Master Scheduler, Miami, FL

I just accepted a position as a Senior Market Researcher with a well-known policy research non-profit. I just wanted to thank you, again, for all your help.

– I.F., Market & Competitive Intelligence Professional, Los Angeles, CA

With my resume from The Essay Expert, I gained a pivotal advantage in my pursuit of the position I successfully obtained as National Sales Manager at Fresh Produce. Patrick and Brenda’s teamwork produced a truly outstanding product and result! There are so many resume writers out there, and I’m so pleased that my instincts led me to The Essay Expert.

– Michael King, National Sales Manager, Madison, WI

Had a phone interview with Innerworkings this morning. They had my resume for less than 12 hours. Thank you Patrick and Brenda!

– M.S., Large Account Manager, Milwaukee, WI

I truly, truly appreciate what you did for my resume. I do believe it gave me the springboard into Paychex and my whole HR career.

– Vena Jordan, Manager, Employee Relations and Organizational Development, Orange County, CA

I was struggling to update my resume after letting it go stale for a few years before I contacted The Essay Expert. Within a few weeks of updating it as well as my LinkedIn profile, I was contacted for an interview. Good luck and happy job hunting!

– Julie Jung, Senior IT Consultant

My resume from The Essay Expert helped land me a job in Washington, D.C. within a couple weeks! I’m making my second move then… and I’m landing more interviews and getting more job offers than I feel is even fair!

– M.V., Public Affairs Manager, Washington, D.C.

I wanted to let you know I have obtained my dream job, with someone I would never expected! I am so lucky! The loss of my job continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

– Kathleen D., Senior Insurance Rep, Boston, MA

In writing my resume after being out of work for a year, I faced the challenge of being “overqualified” for the Executive Assistant positions I was pursuing. With my new resume, I got lots of interviews and… my first Executive Assistant job (for the President and Board at a prestigious university)!

– Lori Gibson, past CFO and present Executive Assistant, Capella University. Minneapolis, MN

With the assistance of my amazing new resume, I started a great new job on October 1!

– Anna W., Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Madison, WI

I applied for about 10 positions and received interviews (and offers) at two hospitals. I did a very targeted job search, and things went very well. I definitely think my new résumé made a difference in my job search!

– Sherelle Washington, Ambulatory Services Director, West Palm Beach, FL

The one two punch of a properly written resume and a LinkedIn page did the trick just as you said it would. Today I accepted a job with [a large shopping website] as Sr Corporate Customer Service Manager. As I spoke with interviewers, most commented on how impressed they were with my accomplishments and what specifically wowed them on my LinkedIn profile.

– Sean R., Senior Corporate Customer Service Manager, Michigan

I probably had 6-7 interviews within the last 2 weeks and ended up taking a position with Gannett Wisconsin Media in their major account division. I will represent 10 daily papers throughout WI and have a great account list. I start on Monday. Thank you!

– K.B., Media Account Executive, Milwaukee, WI

I recently received an offer for an IT Technology Management position, and I believe that without The Essay Expert’s help, my job search would not have been so successful. I applied for 3 positions and received interviews at ALL of them!

– Pinaki Chakrabarty, Senior IT Professional, New York, NY

The Essay Expert helped focus my job search, which in turn landed me a great job in terms of culture and personality fit. Previously, I was not getting the interviews I wanted. My resume now showcases my accomplishments. I recommend The Essay Expert to anyone who needs revitalization in their job search!

– Rushad B., Project Manager at Federal Auditing Agency. Washington, D.C.

I applied your tips and advice on how to improve my LinkedIn page to my resume and within a month I was offered a job at one of top 50 air freight forwarding companies in the U.S.! Your helpful suggestions and tips have allowed me to advance my career. Thank you!

– Air Export Coordinator, FL

Thank you Brenda and Melissa for the terrific resume. I received 2 job offers within 1 month of receiving my resume from The Essay Expert and accepted a position as Manager of Automotive Repair shop on the west side of Madison. I just turned 73 (last week).

– G. Goss

Over six months, using my old resume, I got about 5 call-backs. In just one month of using my new resume from The Essay Expert, I received 4 call-backs and landed one of them – at the high level of pay I wanted!! I am thrilled. Thank you so much for your insights, suggestions and support.

– C.T.B., Personal Assistant for high-net-worth clients, Washington, DC

I have about 3 jobs now in motion – one interview already done, two more coming up. Three I had in August-September. More activity in the last 2-3 months than the last 2-3 years. If I hadn’t found you I would probably still be sending out this formless resume that was saying nothing.

– Sherry M., Insurance Professional, San Francisco, CA

Overall, I’m just ecstatic to have found this opportunity and be working full-time again! I would say that timing had a large part to do with finding this opportunity, but I think my resume helped set me apart from the crowd… so I would like to thank you again for your help.

– Jodi C, Specialty Brands eMarketing Account Manager at Grainger, Madison, WI

I was offered 10 interviews for teaching jobs and accepted a job offer! I believe my resume from The Essay Expert helped me get a majority of those interviews. I am now a special education teacher in the NYC Department of Education. I am lucky to be not just co-teaching several classes but also teaching an art criticism class to 12th graders!

– Derek Gregory, Special Education Teacher, Brooklyn, NY

I started using my new resume in December and was offered interviews at three different employers. I started my interview process with Mercer, a division of Marsh & McLennan Companies, at the end of January and was offered a job as Call Center Client Coordinator! One thing they said during my interview process was how much they liked my resume and that it stood out. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome! Thank you so much for the great job!!

– Kelly Tamborski, Call Center Coordinator at Mercer, Iowa City, IA

Within three days of sending out my new resume, I had a job interview lined up. And that was just the start. I have had four job interviews in two months–all commenting on how professional my resume looks for a recent graduate–and I have already accepted a new job that totally ROCKS and makes me feel like I belong with the company! This would NEVER have been possible on my own.

– Adam Fullerton, Marketing Graduate, Brand Ambassador at Switch, Detroit, MI

Just two months after working with The Essay Expert to revise my resume, I was offered an excellent opportunity with Northwestern Mutual in the career I wanted. Best investment I ever made!

– Danielle Langhus, Recruiter, Northwestern Mutual, Milwaukee, WI

I just got a great job as an accountant at a prominent accounting firm, and I have The Essay Expert to thank for getting me in the door. I applied for 6 jobs and got 3 interviews in just 3 weeks after starting to use my new resume and cover letters.

– Mark Travez, CPA, New York, NY

The Essay Expert helped me take my old humdrum resume and turn it into one that was organized, well written, and tailored to the job I was applying for. I not only got two interviews from two applications, but I got a job!

– Adam Tyksinski, Production Assistant, Wisconsin Public Television, Madison, WI

Not TWO weeks after I received my fine-tuned resume did I receive several requests for interviews, whereas I had received only two in the previous three months!

– Matthew Von Rueden, IT Professional, Madison, WI

Wow… I made my LinkedIn updates this past weekend. Hits have doubled so far. Not surprising to you I am sure, but I thought I’d share it none the less. This is only Wednesday.

– Scott Waller, Database Administrator

Since incorporating many of the suggestions in your book, my average daily views have more than doubled! I think that’s significant, and hope that it will help me land a job faster.

– David Goren, National Account Manager, Atlanta, GA

My new letters have personality and passion, and every sentence provides information that cannot quite be gathered from my resume. I secured more interviews than I had even hoped for in the process – and, in a very tight economy, I succeeded in securing a summer associate position at a large firm in Milwaukee.

– Nick Castronovo, now an attorney at von Briesen & Roper, S.C., Madison, WI

I am a recent college graduate who, given the current market, was just hoping to find work in my field. Not only did I get to stay in my field, but I had two great job offers! I’m also thrilled to be starting at 17% above the average salary for this type of position.

– Monica S., Biotechnology Research Specialist, Madison, WI

Brenda is an amazing resource for any law student who needs help writing cover letters and resumes. My applications have made a positive impression on judges in New York City and led to interviews and a job offer with a Supreme Court judge!

– Lauren M., Law Student, New York, NY

The Essay Expert helped me to write a cover letter for a teaching position, resulting in a job offer! The final letter gleamed. The process was very empowering and obviously effective!”

– Emma Manchester, Teacher, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

I was applying for a job that I desperately wanted. Over the past 5 years, I had applied to a number of jobs in the outdoor education field, but my experience wasn’t getting the right attention from employers. I decided to go all out and hire The Essay Expert. Wow, was that a smart decision! I got the interview and the job!

– Monica Kappes, Experiential Education Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

My daughter, Jessica had been looking for work for 2 years before The Essay Expert reworked her resume. Within a few weeks, Jessica was getting interviews and so far she has received two job offers, including one for full-time employment. I am extremely grateful!

– Patty Sherin, Social Media Consultant, New York, NY

I am thrilled to report that I am now Curator of the Design Gallery at the School of Human Ecology, UW-Madison. Thank you for your smart advice on my resume and for shaping my cover letter for this application. Your questioning and rewriting truly honed in on my passion and expertise.

– Lisa P, Art Consultant/Curator, Madison, WI

I worked with Brenda to write my MBA application essays. We worked extensively together and she had the innate ability to sift through my ideas and simplify my voice to reflect a genuine snapshot of who I am. She significantly improved the quality of my essays and was instrumental in my acceptance to a number of universities. I would highly recommend Brenda for anyone seeking a competitive edge as an applicant.

– MBA Applicant, accepted to Carnegie Mellon with $100K scholarship

Please accept my sincere gratitude and thankfulness on helping me out to construct a stellar MBA Statement of Purpose. I am beyond happy to inform you that I have been accepted and offered an admissions letter to UCR. Thank you once again for all your support and guidance. I will definitely be recommending you to my colleagues.

– Social Media Manager in San Diego and future MBA student

I ended up only applying to University of Colorado – Denver MA in Counseling and University of Denver MA in Counseling Psychology and got accepted to both programs! Thank you for your help this application process. So excited for what the future holds.

– MA in Counseling applicant, accepted to 100% of schools applied to

I recently found out that I was accepted into Georgetown’s Fall 2021 Taxation LLM Program. I wanted to say thank you for all your help with my Personal Statement. You made the process so much easier and helped me put my thoughts onto paper.

– Law School Admissions Essay Client

I had the pleasure to work with Ms. Bernstein while applying to university in the United States. We worked on multiple essays that proved successful with my admission to my top choice schools such as Babson College, Northeastern University and Manchester University. I would definitely recommend her services.

– Sultan Al Jawhary, Bachelor of Science Candidate at Babson College

I couldn’t be happier with the results. I needed help with an admission essay to an EMBA program and Brenda did an amazing job working with me on that task. I got accepted to my school of choice and on top of that received a scholarship. Thank you so much!

– Lukas Berlinski

I applied last year to UC Berkeley and got waitlisted. I decided to take a gap year and focus on making a contribution on the Air Force base in Japan where I live. I also decided to get input from a professional for my essays. Brenda provided amazing insight on what appeals to the admissions committee. I learned a lot from her – and I got into UC Berkeley this year!

Liam Willingham, Business/Law Major, Future UC Berkeley Graduate, Tokyo, Japan

I got into Georgetown Law School and I could not have done it without you! As my wife [who is my General Editor :)] pointed out you really dramatically helped to change the quality of my writing for which we are extremely grateful!!!

– Scott Whitman, future law school student, accepted into 5 schools with significant scholarships, and waitlisted at 5 more top schools.

I got admitted to the Cornell EMBA program starting in July. I would like to thank you for all the help and support provided.

– V.S., Senior IT Manager, Infosys, New Jersey

Hans has been accepted to Texas A&M University College Station. He was not an automatic admit (top 10%) so the essays and all his leadership/service counted in a big way. I KNOW that your help with the essays had a lot to do with the success! So, Thank you!

– A.W., (mother of Hans), Boerne, TX

I was accepted into UCLA (which I am attending now), Syracuse University, NYU and Columbia. I have friends who were impressed by my essays and are starting the grad school process, and I will be sure to refer them to you.

– Nicole R., Masters Student in Afro-American Studies, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Our work on my admissions essays, biography, and resume greatly impressed not only the folks at GW, but senior management at major financial firms here in Chicago while I was on a job hunt this Summer. I wouldn’t work with anyone else!

– Anonymous, Investment Analyst, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

The Essay Expert helped me create a professional profile, and supported me in writing application essays that led to my acceptance at the Fielding Graduate University. It’s my pleasure to recommend their work.

– Kristina Wagner, Career and Education Specialist at TRiO Minneapolis

My writer at The Essay Expert was prompt and responsive, and had a natural talent for drawing people out to tell their personal stories. She assisted me with fine-tuning my MBA essays and I am excited to report I’ll be starting MBA school this fall!

– W.H., Hospital Executive, Madison, WI

I worked with The Essay Expert on my applications to undergraduate business programs at UC San Diego, Santa Barbara, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, and Berkeley (Haas) where I will be attending. My essays went from good to GREAT and I was accepted EVERYWHERE I applied!

– Michael S., Berkeley, CA

I owe my deepest thanks to The Essay Expert for editing my successful application essay for my Masters in Instructional Technology. I was really dragging my feet, but that changed with my consultant’s help. Now I have been accepted in to my dream program. Not only that, but a professor on the admissions committee commented on how much he liked my essay!

– John DeSantis, accepted into Chestnut Hill College’s Masters in Instructional Technology, Philadelphia, PA

Your work was awesome–efficient and masterful. I am thrilled to have been accepted into Marquette even though I applied after the official deadline. Thank you!

– Leonie Dolch, Madison, WI

I can’t tell you how much my writer helped me with my essay. After my first session I went from having absolutely no idea of what to write about, to having several ideas. She was with me through the entire process, from conception to the final refinements. She not only helped me with my essay, but also in developing my writing technique, and in fact, I believe she helped me learn a few things about myself. And I was admitted to the University of Texas and Rutgers!

– Jake LePiarz

I am completely convinced that your help was instrumental in my acceptance to UC Berkeley, as well as to the other programs I applied to.

– Kirsten Negus, Berkeley, CA. Admitted to UC Berkeley’s Landscape Architecture Program

I got into Concordia University! Thank you so much for all your help! I know my essay cinched the deal for me.

– Sara Faith Jacobsen, BA, IBCLC, CD (DONA), CMT, Berkeley, CA

My son worked with The Essay Expert on several of his college admissions essays. Not only did he get excellent and expert advice from The Essay Expert team but it was all within the comfort of our own home. The best part is the result: he got into Carleton College and loves it there!

– Dr. Rebecca Unger, Pediatrician, Chicago, IL

The Essay Expert’s insight and assistance in writing my graduate school application essay was instrumental in my acceptance to the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s History and Theory of Architecture program! I am thrilled with the results!

– Ayala Tamir, Graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Design, New York, NY

Without The Essay Expert’s help, I would not be going to Northwestern University today.

– Joseph Schuster, Voice & Opera Performance Major at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL