Mommy, Daddy, Tell Me a Story! – Spinning a Good Yarn with Your College Application, Resume, Cover Letter and Professional Bio

We all love a good story. Admissions committees love good stories. Hiring managers love good stories. Customers and clients love good stories. Always remember: the person you’re writing for is a human being! How do you get another human being to read your document? Spin a good yarn! Get tips here on how to do that.

Let’s Get Personal – Recruiter, InMail and Other Communication Strategies that Work

Getting Personal with LinkedIn InMail Today I read an article by Catherine Byers Breet, a self-proclaimed “recovering recruiter,” on “How to contact a recruiter on LinkedIn.” As you can imagine, recruiters get bombarded by InMails and connection requests every day, and it truly takes something to grab their attention. The same goes for other decision…