What makes you shudder? And what are your commitments?

I belong to a LinkedIn group called Grammar Geeks, where one of the most popular discussions right now, with 269 comments, is “What Makes You Shudder?” Each of these 269 entries contains someone’s comment (or more often complaint) about a grammar gaffe.

At first I was interested in some of the conversations… but quickly, the conversation itself was the thing making me shudder. In fact, I began to shudder each time another member of the group posted a complaint. Even the word “shudder” began to make me shudder!

The Ladders’ Signature Program: Are guaranteed job offers a scam?

The end of June 2011 brought a lot of hype in the blogging world about TheLadders’ new “Signature” Program. Have you heard of it? Signature promises that “selected participants who actively engage in all components of the Signature program are guaranteed a job offer or their money back.” The price tag? $2,495. The claim of success? 90%. Is this program too good to be true? Read to find out more.

Is LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium Worth the Price? One Woman’s Story…

Many people approach me to ask whether it’s worth the price to subscribe to LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium. One of my subscribers, Susan Poseika, signed up for the one-month free trial and was kind enough to share her evaluation of the service. Her experience is anecdotal — only one person’s experience — and does not necessarily predict what anyone else will experience. Still, I thought it would be valuable to share.