Your Service Agreement with The Essay Expert

General Statement:

  • You will be working with your consultant via phone, internet and/or fax, unless explicitly arranged otherwise prior to the start of the consulting package.
  • If you are dissatisfied with your consultant at any time during the service, The Essay Expert’s Customer Service can reassign you upon request. Customer service can be reached at 718-390-6696, or at
  • More detailed terms specific to the service you purchased will be emailed to you post-purchase, and can also be previewed below.

Specific Terms of Agreement

Service Purchased Terms of Agreement
Any Resume or Cover Letter Writing Service TOA for Resume Services
Resume Strategy Session TOA for Resume Strategy Session
Resume Review Service TOA for Resume Review
Any Professional Bio Writing Service TOA for Professional Bio Services
Any LinkedIn Profile Writing Service TOA for LinkedIn Profile Services
LinkedIn Profile Review TOA for LinkedIn Review
Hourly LinkedIn or Resume Writing/Coaching TOA for Hourly Resume or LinkedIn Coaching/Writing
Any College Admissions Essay Writing Service TOA for College Essay Services
Any MBA Admissions Consulting Service TOA for MBA Services
Any Other Service See below for general TOA.

Time and Scheduling Policy

For Hourly Rate Packages:

  • All time spent on your project will be counted toward the hours purchased. Billable consultant activities include but are not limited to: interviews, editing, writing copy, design, phone calls, tutoring sessions, email correspondence, and research.
  • Consultants keep a record of all time spent, and will notify you of the remaining time in your package on a regular basis and/or upon request.
  • Please promptly notify The Essay Expert customer service at 718-390-6696 or if there is a discrepancy between the time your consultant has recorded and what you have recorded.
  • If you schedule an appointment at a specific time and need to cancel it for any reason, please contact your consultant 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time. If you do not provide 24-hours’ notice and miss an appointment, 30 minutes will be deducted from the hours purchased.

For All Services:

  • Your consultant will respond to calls and emails within 2 business days and will return written comments within 3-5 business days, unless a vacation has been communicated in advance.
  • You will be notified in advance by your consultant if he or she plans to be unavailable for a period of time longer than 2 business days (for special circumstances including business travel, vacations, etc).
  • If you schedule an appointment at a specific time and need to cancel it for any reason, please contact your consultant 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time. If you do not provide 24-hours’ notice and miss an appointment, a $50 charge will be incurred or 30 minutes will be deducted from an hourly package.
  • RUSH packages are available for additional fees to ensure faster service than promised in this agreement.

Consultant’s Responsibilities

  • Your consultant will provide writing and editing services for your project.
  • Your consultant will provide feedback regarding how the intended audience will perceive your resume, application, letter, website, essay or project.
  • Your consultant will critique the content and style of your written work, and determine how to best present your company and/or experiences and accomplishments.
  • Your consultant will work with you to improve the quality of your writing project. Consultants cannot guarantee a job, grade, promotion, or clientele.
  • Your consultant will assist in structuring your time for completing your project.
  • If you are working on an academic paper, your consultant will assist with organization, structure, and research direction only and will NOT write your paper for you.
  • If you do not use your purchased service within the time limit stated in your agreement, and if the price for that service has changed since your purchase, you will be required to pay any difference in price before we will continue with the service.

Client’s Responsibilities

  • It is ideal to begin working with your consultant as far in advance of your deadline as possible. The Essay Expert will not be responsible for missed deadlines.
  • Upon being matched with a consultant, if you have any questions or concerns about the service, contact The Essay Expert at 718-390-6696 or
  • For academic papers: The client will draft, refine and finalize his or her own essays/papers, and incorporate the consultant’s feedback/suggestions when appropriate. The consultant will not write your paper for you.
  • For resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other professional writing projects: You are responsible for providing feedback to your consultant to ensure your document and content meet your goals and say what you want them to say.
  • You are responsible for direct correspondence with targeted employers/organizations.
  • You agree to fill out any surveys or questionnaires sent by your consultant or by The Essay Expert as completely as possible. We assume a questionnaire is complete when we start writing your project. Adding new material after a document has been provided to you for review will incur additional charges.
  • You agree to advise The Essay Expert of any changes in your contact information.
  • You agree to conduct all financial business through The Essay Expert. Your consultant is not authorized to enter into private financial agreements with you, and doing so would be a violation of his/her legal agreement.
  • If you schedule an appointment at a specific time and need to cancel it for any reason, please contact your consultant 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time. If you do not provide 24-hours’ notice and miss an appointment, a $50 charge will be incurred or 30 minutes will be deducted from an hourly package.
  • Spell check and editing techniques will be used to ensure the correctness and accuracy of your documents, but it is your responsibility to proofread and give final approval of their completion.

Refund Policy & Fees / Forfeiture of Package

  • The Essay Expert does not provide refunds after 3 days have passed from the date of purchase; however, for a period of 30 days after your purchase, we are happy to use your payment toward another service for you or a friend if you decide not to proceed with the service you purchased. After 30 days, any price increases and “restart” fees will apply.
  • If you delay completion of your questionnaire or scheduling of your interview for 30 days or more, and wish to proceed with your project, you will be charged any price increases that have been implemented since your initial purchase. We understand that extenuating circumstances arise, but we request that you start your project within the prescribed time. After six (6) months, if we have not received your questionnaire or scheduled your interview, and you wish to restart your project, you may do so for a 35% restart fee. Once you pay the difference in price in addition to any appropriate restart fees, we will proceed with your project as per these terms of agreement.
  • If after one (1) year, we have not received your questionnaire and you wish to restart your project, your package will be forfeited and you will be asked to repurchase your service in order to work with us.
  • You are required to provide all editing requests within 10 business days of receiving your initial document. Requests made after 10 business days will incur additional hourly charges.
  • The Essay Expert will consider your project complete if you do not make requests for edits within 3 business days of receiving your FINAL document. If you request edits after 3 business days, additional hourly charges will be incurred.
  • If you purchased a LinkedIn Summary package that includes 1 hour of additional writing or coaching, you must utilize the 1 hour of additional services within 10 business days of receiving your completed LinkedIn Headline and Summary. If you do not schedule or use your 1 hour of services within 10 business days of our delivery of the LinkedIn Headline & Summary, we will consider your package complete and you will incur charges at the prevailing hourly rate for any additional work requested.
  • If a credit card is declined or your check returned, service will not begin until the transaction is approved (Please note: returned checks are subject to a $25 handling fee).
  • For hourly rate packages: After 30 minutes or more of the purchased hours are used, you are entitled to receive a refund of half the purchase price for each whole, unused hour.
  • For flat rate packages: Once The Essay Expert has provided an initial draft or engaged in an initial information gathering call, no refunds will be offered. Please call customer service to discuss details if you choose not to complete your package.
  • You must arrange to start utilizing The Essay Expert’s service within one year of the purchase date. If you have paid in full and do not begin the service within a year of the purchase date, you will forfeit eligibility for a refund and will be asked to repurchase your package if you would like to work with us.

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