Have you ever had a dream that you could fly?

When I was a child, I had recurring lucid flying dreams. In one, my parents are entertaining company. I start demonstrating how I can fly. I’m riding the airwaves above the yellow shag rug in the living room, and everyone is entranced. In the dream, flying is the most natural thing in the world and I know that anyone can do it if they just learn to catch the right currents. Watch me go! It’s just like swimming!

Then, I would awake.

Fear of Flying... A Story of Triumph

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The thrill of flying came crashing down. I was left distraught, wishing I had never had the dream at all. In my child’s mind, it was worse to discover that my ecstasy was imagined than to avoid it in the first place.

So I decided I would prefer NOT flying in my dreams to the trauma and disappointment I faced upon awakening. I resolved to wake myself up the next time I had a flying dream.

Reality Check

Sure enough, one night I found myself flying around with the characters from Alice in Wonderland, cards and spades whisking through the air. I promptly gave myself a whack on the head with my right hand and woke up immediately. The dream was over. No more disappointing awakenings to “reality” for me!

That was the last flying dream I ever had.

Until last Thursday.


In my dream, I once again have an audience, and I am doing swimming strokes through the air. I feel the support of the air under me, and I stay airborne for minutes at a time. What power and freedom! I want everyone around me to discover this joy!

This time I choose to let the dream take its natural course.

And when I wake up, there is no trauma or disappointment. Rather, I experience an aliveness from the knowledge that I have reclaimed something.

What’s possible from here? Rising above my limiting beliefs. A different perspective on life. And getting in touch with an adventurous, powerful piece of myself that knows anything is possible.

I wonder, what disappointments have led you to stop dreaming? Are you willing to let yourself fly again?


  1. Thanks BeeGee. Yes I must have reached a point in life where I am not only capable of handling disappointment, but where I choose to risk disappointment in favor of experiencing joy. And creating a support system is definitely key. Disappointments can be tough to handle alone.

  2. Interesting that you learned to control your flying dreams. I used to have tidal wave dreams that were more like nightmares but once, I saw that wave coming towards me, and thought, “Here goes” and dove straight into it.

    I often had flying dreams and contrary to your experience, I loved them! I would awake with a great feeling of empowerment. My flying dreams have slowed down with age though occasionally, I get similar ones where I discover, to my delight, that I can run as fast as a deer. I should say that most of my dreams – the ones I remember – enrich my waking hours.

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