What Do Passover’s 4 Questions Have to Do with Our Modern Lives?

Passover started last Monday night and I was fortunate enough to attend a lovely seder (traditional Passover meal) with a family here in Madison. What especially impressed me was that they were open to discussing the contemporary implications of the traditional “four questions” (which are actually one question followed by four answers). The Four Questions…

“Hi there networking contact… What do you think of my resume?” (& other things you wish you had never said) – by Mary Elizabeth Bradford

I amJob Search Success System fortunate this week to share a guest blog from Mary Elizabeth Bradford, award-winning creator of the Job Search Success System. She warns, “This article contains some “tough talk” and will probably offend some readers.” Since her article did not offend me and in fact rather inspired me, I’m posting it here with Mary Elizabeth’s blessing! Remember as you read this article, as I pointed out in my article What Do Recruiters Want in a Resume? Answers Within, you only need to impress one person with your resume–and that’s the person who hires you!