Top 10 Ways to Get Into a Top College – Things Colleges Watch Out For

Succeeding in these areas requires some planning ahead. If you are not a harp player already by the time you are entering your senior year of high school, it is unlikely that you will become one. If you haven’t been deeply involved in a student organization, it might be difficult to take on leadership suddenly. It’s more important than ever to find your passion early and follow it.

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Grad School, Law School, and Med School Applicants: Why You Shouldn’t Go to an Ivy League College

If you are applying to grad, law, business or medical school, the rankings diverge even more widely from a straight Ivy League ticker, and it would be a huge mistake to choose a program simply for its name, without investigating the reputation of the specific program that interests you. Different schools are known for their programs in different areas. The top schools are frequently not Ivy League; in the job market for each industry, the top programs are known and respected.