Can You Right Write? 10 Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Note To Readers from Sam Diener: There is no possible way that I could have written this article. I rely on two editors to make sure my grammar is correct! So I invited Ms. Brenda Bernstein, the Essay Expert, to come along and write this series of two articles for me. She is quite the grammarian, and she is much smarter than I. So you all had better listen to her – and enjoy!

Common Grammatical Errors: Everyday vs. Every Day

I’ve noticed a tendency in many writers to combine certain 2-word phrases into one word. One of the most common pairs of words I have seen people put together ungrammatically are “every” and “day.” Please note: “Every day” does NOT mean the same thing as “everyday.” Be careful when you choose to create this compound word about what you really mean to say.