Mommy, Daddy, Tell Me a Story! – Spinning a Good Yarn with Your College Application, Resume, Cover Letter and Professional Bio

We all love a good story. Admissions committees love good stories. Hiring managers love good stories. Customers and clients love good stories. Always remember: the person you’re writing for is a human being! How do you get another human being to read your document? Spin a good yarn! Get tips here on how to do that.

College Summit: The Joys of Surprise and Making a Difference (and Even the Travails of a Norovirus)

I recently heard Anthony Robbins say that as long as you have your attention on other people, and as long as you are making a difference for others, there is no way you can possibly be depressed. He is so right. This past week, despite contracting a norovirus that gave me serious gastrointestinal distress as…

How to Avoid Costly Mistakes on Your Common Application – guest article by Nancy Griesemer

Introduction by Brenda Bernstein: As college application deadlines approach, I wanted to share some tips on the actual submission of your application. I give this same advice to job seekers by the way (“Print your resume!”). We have been so lulled by the convenience of online forms that we forget to dot our i’s and…

Common Application to Enforce 650-word Limit and Eliminate Topic of Choice

In April 2011 I reported on a new 500-word limit for college personal statement, enacted by the Common Application (see Common Application Institutes Word Limit for College Application Essays). In that article I wrote, “Students are now requested to write 250-500 words on their chosen topic.” I now realize how loaded two words in that sentence were: requested and chosen.