How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile Raffle Drawing!

rak-week-174x300Did you know that last week (February 9-15, 2015) was International Random Acts of Kindness Week? Neither did I, until a woman named Ann Terry Gilman from Germany purchased my LinkedIn e-book—3 times! I wrote to Terry to find out whether she intended to purchase the book in triplicate, and she responded that no she did not, but would I please give away the two extra books to an organization in need—in honor of RAK week!

Terry took the message of RAK to heart and I am happy to announce that The Essay Expert will be holding a drawing on March 1 for an organization to receive a free lifetime subscription to the PDF version of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile.

LinkedIn-Bestseller6-sm If you know a job club or an educational institution that would benefit from the information in the 11th edition of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, please send the following information to

  1. Name of contact person
  2. Name of organization/institution
  3. Description of the mission of the organization/institution
  4. Email address the book (and lifetime updates!) will go to

We will hold a drawing for 2 winners on March 1, 2015 and the winners will be announced through my e-list!

Random Acts of Kindness Life

Of course now that I know last week was RAK week, I’m thinking about whether I do enough RAKs in my life. Last week, one day I brought a smoothie to a friend who is a nurse and would miss dinner that day due to working long hours. I tried a new salmon recipe. I drove to Chicago to see people in my class person instead of attending, as I usually do, on the phone. I made 50 phone calls for people to assist on the Transform Training while the other people in my group were making 15-20 calls each. I brought my teddy bear to yoga class and talked to people I would not normally have talked to.

I did all these things without knowing it was RAK week! Did you perform random acts of kindness last week too? Here are some ideas:


Feel free to take these ideas and run with them on any day or week of the year! When recently have you put a smile on someone’s face or contributed to a good cause? Please share about it below!

And if you know of an organization who would benefit from a lifetime subscription to How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, remember to send their name, organization name, organization mission, and e-mail address to!

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  1. Dear Brenda,

    Contact: Melinda
    Organisation: Counselling @ Macquarie University
    Mission: The Student Counselling Team at Macquarie University has a focus on helping students go into/return to the work-place and the Team (Melinda) made it clear that LinkedIn has to be an essential and effective part of my job-seeking strategy.

    I purchased your eBook (.pdf) yesterday following an extensive research exercise based upon Melinda’s advice and I am working my way through your great guidance to update my LinkedIn profile prior to sending out job applications…
    (I’ve temporarily turned off access until I make significant (it is a re-write job) changes to that profile.

    Thank you for some great advice.
    I’ve now established profile access as:
    and a separate complementary job-seeking email address:

    Thanks and great advising…
    David Walker

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