My blogging year would not be complete without the Essay Expert’s Top 10 Lists of 2016. Lists are so great aren’t they? Someone compiles stuff for us and we get to reap the rewards. Here are my faves from the past year, some looking back and some envisioning the future:

Career & Jobs

1. Top 10 Best Job Websites
Whatever you think about this particular list, what strikes me about top 10 job site lists in general this year is that seems to top all of them. enables you to search millions of job listings and is reportedly “user-friendly, uncluttered, and simple and easy to navigate.” If you’re going to use a job search engine, is the one to use. Glassdoor is also a popular site for the information you can glean about companies that interest you. And I like that made this list since it shows the non-profit sector is going strong. Finally, I like this list because LinkedIn is on it. I don’t need to elaborate on that do I? 🙂

2. Looking Ahead: 5 Top Job Trends to Watch in 2017
This white paper from Glassdoor, based on data from 2016, is enlightening as to what to look forward to in 2017. Predictions include more tech focus in all industries; a narrowing of the gender pay gap.

3. LinkedIn’s Top 10 Skills of 2016
I wrote a blog on this in October, and it bears repeating. While other skills than these will certainly get you hired in some industries, LinkedIn’s list points out a real trend.

4. The 25 Best Jobs of 2016
What do an orthodontist, accountant and nurse practitioner have in common? They’re all in the top 25 great jobs to have in 2016, or to look for in 2017, according to U.S. News & World Report. (Why “resume writer” is not on the list I can’t tell you!)

5. 36 Top Experts on the Best Career Resolutions for 2017
Big themes in this list of wisdom from top career experts include the importance of networking, professional development, and self-awareness. Read the article to get some creative ideas – like checking out a website on whether your career might be automated – and start planning for your career future!


6. The 15 most exciting new tech products launching in 2017
Looks like Google is giving Apple and Microsoft a run for their money. And will Samsung recover from their disastrous year with a “foldable” phone? Only time will tell. Why do I suddenly want one of everything?

7. 17 Tech Hacks That’ll Make You Feel Like a Boss
From tricks for cleaning your keyboard to how to create a charging station out of a water bottle, these tech hacks have something for everyone to make life easier in 2017. I will definitely be implementing some of these ideas in the new year!


Travel, World & Books

8. 43 New York City Parking Holidays
I wrote an article about the implications of so many holidays during the Jewish High Holidays this year. It seems 2017 will have just 43 special parking regulation days, not 45, which does not change my fascination with the list one bit. If you’re curious, take a look. I had not heard of some of these important days until viewing the list!

9. Best Trips from National Geographic
Looking for a super-cool break from the daily grind? Here are some pretty amazing places to explore for a week, a month, or maybe a lifetime.

10. New Books to Sharpen Your Mind in 2017
I hope these non-fiction books come out on CD so I can “read” them in my car. I’m fascinated by most of these topics, from digital addictions to the power of meaning to why some ideas succeed and others fail. I’m excited to train my brain in the coming year.

What are your favorite lists looking back on 2016 or forward to 2017? Please share!





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