10 Job Search Strategies from Recruiters

When it comes to tapping into best practices in the job search process, recruiters tend to be experts. Therefore, even if you’re not working directly with recruiters in your job search, it’s advisable to pay attention to what they are saying! This week I’ve compiled advice from recruiters that I recommend you follow. It could…

Job Seeker Success Survey Results Are Out!

This week the Career Thought Leaders Consortium published the results of a survey, conducted by Susan Whitcomb of TheAcademies.com and Caitlin Williams, PhD of DrCaitlinWilliams.com, entitled Job Seeker Success Survey Results. Today’s blog will summarize some of the main points of the survey; next week I will publish a story from one of my clients…

17 Tips for Older Job Seekers – Follow in the footsteps of winners!

Even before LinkedIn posted a blog with tips for older job seekers in September, I received some good news from a couple of my 50+-year-old connections on the job search front. Both of them are followers of my blog, and both agreed to share their stories with you. I hope their success inspired job seekers of all ages to keep on taking action!

“Hi there networking contact… What do you think of my resume?” (& other things you wish you had never said) – by Mary Elizabeth Bradford

I amJob Search Success System fortunate this week to share a guest blog from Mary Elizabeth Bradford, award-winning creator of the Job Search Success System. She warns, “This article contains some “tough talk” and will probably offend some readers.” Since her article did not offend me and in fact rather inspired me, I’m posting it here with Mary Elizabeth’s blessing! Remember as you read this article, as I pointed out in my article What Do Recruiters Want in a Resume? Answers Within, you only need to impress one person with your resume–and that’s the person who hires you!

The Ladders’ Signature Program: Are guaranteed job offers a scam?

The end of June 2011 brought a lot of hype in the blogging world about TheLadders’ new “Signature” Program. Have you heard of it? Signature promises that “selected participants who actively engage in all components of the Signature program are guaranteed a job offer or their money back.” The price tag? $2,495. The claim of success? 90%. Is this program too good to be true? Read to find out more.