Marketing Tips: 9 Thoughts on How Good Marketing Really Pays Off

Marketing Tips: 9 Thoughts on How Good Marketing Really Pays OffWay back in December 2015, I delivered a presentation as part of the LinkedIn Success Summit, organized by Liam Austin, founder of EntrepreneursHQ. Liam followed up with me after that presentation using strategies that can be translated into some great marketing tips. (Spoiler alert: Liam ghostwrote an article by me about how to be “super likeable on LinkedIn,” the link to which is at the bottom of this blog.)

Back to 2015. I gave my presentation, got a slew of LinkedIn connections out of it, and didn’t think much about it after that. I received a few friendly marketing emails from Liam in 2016, including a survey and an invitation to join a Facebook group of attendees from the Summit. In February 2017, Liam wrote to compliment me on my own marketing activities and to check in on how I was doing.

Then, more than a year later (just a couple of weeks ago), Liam invited me to make referrals to his “Ambassador Program,” an opportunity to promote his daily marketing tips. Despite my overall positive feelings about Liam, I ignored his appeal. And then, suddenly, a message from Liam appeared in my inbox announcing that he that he had written an article in my voice – about the presentation I had delivered in 2015!

I had multiple reactions to this announcement that have persuaded me to take Liam’s marketing tips seriously::

  1. Wow, this guy does a great job of staying on top of his network. I wish I were that organized.
  2. What? He is going to publish an article as if it were written by me? Now I have an editing job to do. Geez, couldn’t you give a girl a little bit of warning?
  3. (Reading the blog) I have a serious editing job to do so that I can be comfortable with this article’s publication. But I kinda like the tone and the overall gist of what Liam got from my presentation. I like that he garnered the theme of taking a risk and putting yourself out there.
  4. This is cool! Free publicity that will get me exposure to a list of 50,000 people. I trust that at least 100 and maybe even up to 10,000 of will actually read this article.
  5. I wonder what Liam’s open rate is?
  6. This will make a great blog!
  7. (As I’m writing the blog) Hmm, maybe I should look at this Ambassador Program after all (she clicks on the link). Oh, this could be useful for someone starting out in marketing. A marketing tip a day might be something some people will want. Okay. I’ll link to the program in my blog.
  8. I should probably read this article to see if he really made the edits I requested. Oh, hmmm, he made some of them but still managed to reinsert some comma splices and phrases I would never use. Oh well. I’m done fighting this battle. The ideas are mine and most people won’t notice the errors anyway! (Yes I’ve gotten a bit resigned over the years.)
  9. I’m glad I have a general policy not to use ghostwriters. I prefer my own true blogs!

You might be wondering when I’m going to give you the link to this famed article, ostensibly written by me. Here it is, along with a little video excerpt from my LinkedIn Summit presentation:

How To Become Super Likeable On LinkedIn

In case I haven’t made it clear in all my writings and ramblings about LinkedIn, I really do think it’s imperative to “do you” on LinkedIn and not sounds like anyone else. Liam agrees and I’m happy that he did so many of the right things over the years: Namely, reaching out, reaching out, and reaching out, over and over again. I bet his daily marketing tips would help you do the same and enjoy similar success.

By the way, the recordings from the LinkedIn Summit are still available, in case they interest you!

And if you need help creating a super likeable LinkedIn profile, check out my LinkedIn profile writing services and of course, contact me if you have any questions.

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