For a long time, I have been recommending to job seekers and other professionals that they use to post a copy of their resume (with street address and any other confidential information removed) to their LinkedIn® profile. I have also offered as an option for attaching scanned recommendation letters when your recommender is not a LinkedIn® member or just doesn’t come through with a LinkedIn® recommendation. was a useful way to attach any documents you might want your LinkedIn® visitors to view.

Although the partner application for no longer exists, the website does—and my advice has not changed. If you want to post a document to your LinkedIn® profile, the current way to do so is through entering a link to the document.

In your Summary and Experience sections, you can add links to videos, images, documents or presentations by clicking on the blue box with a + sign in the corner.

Add link to LinkedIn Summary section

Mistake12 Image4 Add Link2

Once you click on that box you will be brought to a box where you can paste a link:

Mistake12 Image5 Add Link3

If you don’t have a website where you can conveniently create pages with the documents you want to link to, just create a account! will give you a link you can use. Upload your document to, click on Share; you will receive a link to share the document. URL for LinkedIn


Here are the instructions sent out by regarding the change:

Recently, LinkedIn® announced its new profile design that replaces the current inApps platform with a new method for viewing content like documents, presentations and videos.

You likely received a message from LinkedIn® as well, but we wanted to be sure that as a user of the former Box inApp you know the best way to display and share a Box file on your new profile.

After opting in to the new profile type, you’ll be able to easily add a specific Box file. To get started, copy and paste the file’s direct link in the LinkedIn® professional gallery on the page. Find the direct link by previewing the file as you normally would in Box, selecting File Options > Share > Get Link to File and then clicking on Direct Link to generate the URL. Paste it directly in the LinkedIn® professional gallery. Repeat the same steps for other files you’d like to add to your profile.

Note that the LinkedIn® professional gallery supports a limited set of file types, so check the Box support site if you experience any issues adding a file to your profile. We hope you enjoy the new way to share your important files from Box on LinkedIn®.

Here’s what my profile looks like with the resume linked from

Linkedin Profile LInks to Media

What documents do you want to share with your LinkedIn® audience? You can build your image through adding links using Have fun!

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