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It’s no secret that LinkedIn® has recently undergone a significant overhaul (thus the release this past Sunday of the 5th edition of status update

Profile Activity bar image:

linkedin activity update bar


Any updates you add will appear on your profile in your Activity section (the top section of the profile). Your updates will also appear in LinkedIn® Signal, which is a running account of all LinkedIn® updates that can be found under the News menu. Here’s a sample:

 signal sample

LinkedIn® is no longer a viable way to obtain RSVPs for events. If you want people to RSVP, the best way is to provide a link to a page where people can RSVP, such as a registration page or gotomeeting webinar announcement.

Once you post an update, you have the option to share it with groups and individuals. Just click on Share below the update and you will see the following screen:

 share linkedin update with comment

Is your event selective? Invite an exclusive crowd by clicking on Send to individuals. Then write them an enticing note:

 share linkedin activity update with individuals

Hit Share and spread the word to the world! The more connections you have, the more people will see your post and possibly share it with their connections as well.

Next week: What to do about your Amazon reading list?

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  1. Brenda,
    Thanks for starting this series on the lost apps of LinkedIn. Many of us are left finding new ways to engage with our connections.

    As far as events, I would also add that a person could promote their event on their LinkedIn profile in the summary section and the website url section. These two places would remain static on your profile until you changed them again. This would promote your event to those that view your profile and may not have seen the update.

    • Great idea Cathy thank you! If you are not using all the characters in your summary or all three websites in your website list, your idea would be an option. And an update would go out announcing that you updated your profile; overall I think posting to Activity updates will reach more people, but might as well approach the situation from multiple angles!

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