The Essay Expert’s New Year’s Ressaylutions for 2013New Years Resolutions 2013

Making New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to get things done. As you may have read in my August blog, New Year’s Resolutions in August , I completed my 2012 list of 6 resolutions even faster than expected:

  1. The Essay Expert’s website was updated (I still have an overhaul on my wish list).
  2. Processes for keeping in touch with clients have been streamlined with autoresponders and e-lists.
  3. We conducted our promised survey regarding The Essay Expert’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
  4. How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn® Profile was published on Kindle and is now coming up on its 5th edition.
  5. I haven’t missed a week in sending out either a blog article or a newsletter. Phew!!
  6. The one area where I didn’t completely meet my goal was in producing 212 success stories. We did have 114 successes reported though!

Here’s what I’m creating for 2013:

1. Publish a Spanish-language version of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn® Profile.

I have a meeting with some translators from a translators’ cooperative here in Madison next week and am excited to get this project on the road!

2. Publish a 50 Resume Tips book

The book is currently under construction. There will be one version for job seekers and one version for resume writers.

3. Obtain a Master Resume Writer certification (CMRW) from Career Directors International.

There are only 19 CMRWs in the US and a total of 27 worldwide.

4. Increase the college essay / personal statement portion of my business to 25% of total business.

I love working with college and graduate school applicants on their admissions essays, and the name of my company is, after all, The Essay Expert. You can help by sending people you know in our direction!

5. Start a training for resume writers.

I see this training as a way to up my game and also to train writers who can be on The Essay Expert’s team!

6. Create 213 success stories!

If you have a story you haven’t yet shared please do! As The Essay Expert grows, so will the number of people who get interviews, job offers and offers of admission using resumes and essays crafted with the support of our writers.

I look forward to sharing my successes and challenges with you over the next year. What are you creating for 2013?

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