hot-skills-300x200For the third consecutive year, LinkedIn has produced a list of its “25 Hottest Skills.” I shared 2014’s list with you as a part of my Top 10 Lists for the year, and I thought 2015’s edition deserved a separate post. This is a great tool for honing the keyword phrases in your LinkedIn profile, especially if your expertise matches any of these skill sets.

To compile its list, LinkedIn reviews the top keywords searched by recruiters throughout the course of the year. The site has made a nice improvement to this year’s list by including a column to depict which direction the skills are trending. And the material accompanying LinkedIn’s article contains links to training and job openings for each skill. Nice!

Many skills have maintained their search relevancy since the list first ran in 2013. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining and Mobile Development both remained in the top 10 since LinkedIn started the yearly compilation. New this year are Corporate Law and Governance, Software Modeling and Process Design, and Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Off the list are Recruiting, Digital and Online Marketing, and Computer Graphics and Animation, dropping from 15th, 16th and 17th respectively in 2014 to 26th, 32nd and 34th in 2015. Integrated Circuit Design and SAP ERP Systems also exited the top 25, falling 7 spots each.

Lists from the past 3 years:

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If you can’t claim the top skills on LinkedIn and are kicking yourself about it, perhaps the latest list will serve as motivation to make this year the one when you get the training you’ve been contemplating. And if you already have these skills, but you don’t have the keywords written into your LinkedIn profile, I highly recommend you add them there! It’s a good bet that if you have any of strengths listed here and you’re currently on the hunt for a new job, 2016 may prove to be a fruitful one for your career. Of course, that all depends on whether your LinkedIn profile is of the KILLER standard. I’m here if you need help.

On a slightly different note, if you’re interested in knowing which soft skills are important to strengthen for a successful career, check out the “Mind the Skills Gap” LinkedIn series, where Amy Chen asks 50+ influencers what skills they’ll be honing in 2016. You can get in on the fun and share your plans with LinkedIn readers too!

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