The Essay Expert looks forward to providing value to MBA and EMBA applicants in two major ways: 1) by offering MBA admissions consulting services and 2) by sharing interesting and useful information in our MBA Admissions Blog. This blog is a forum to discuss issues of concern to MBA and EMBA applicants. We look forward to sharing our take on a wide range of issues so that you will be poised for success as you enter the application process.

You’ll see many items here written by our newest and most senior admissions consultant, Larry Sochrin. Larry is one of the most experienced MBA admissions consultants in the business, having worked in this field for over 14 years. He holds an MBA from Wharton, and previously interviewed applicants to the school as an alumnus. A senior trainer, Larry has delivered seminars for groups of admissions consultants on topics ranging from interviewing to applying to international MBA schools. He has also given training seminars for prospective business school applicants, as well as for firms who offer admissions consulting support as an employee benefit.

Larry has guided clients through several thousand MBA applications. He has answers to just about every possible question you might encounter as you go through the admissions process.

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