In my previous blog entry, I pointed out several things that MBA Admissions Consulting isn’t. Today I will describe what MBA Admissions Consulting does provide.

The 14 most important services of value your MBA Admissions Consultant offers:

1. A partner throughout the entire application process.

mba_consultingMany applicants need someone who knows MBA Admissions well to guide them through the application process from beginning to end. Having this type of partner greatly reduces the stress of the entire process, and that’s a role Admissions Consultants fill.

A good MBA Admissions Consultant will first review your background and reasons for wanting to get an MBA, and comment on any specific items that might need strengthening — starting with your logic for wanting an MBA! You will have questions that you want answered throughout the entire process, and your consultant will be a quick and easy source for answers.

2. A source of encouragement

MBA applicants are usually very busy with their personal and professional lives and the application process can feel like a drag. However, schools expect all applicants to meet their deadlines and give their applications their all. Therefore, it’s often necessary for an Admissions Consultant to periodically encourage, cajole, and remind applicants of all they need to do to submit a competitive application.

3. School selection help

In many cases, applicants’ target schools don’t match their backgrounds, goals, and scores. An Admissions Consultant can suggesting a strategy for selecting schools and research additional schools that might match well with your background and goals.

4. Dealing with problematic GPA and/or GMAT scores

If an applicant’s numbers are not in range for the person’s target schools, an Admissions Consultant can suggest several effective strategies to deal with that issue.

5. Resume feedback

An Admissions Consultant will assess whether an applicant’s resume comes across properly or seems more like the resume of a college student or job hunter. In addition to making many specific suggestions, your consultant may refer you to a resume specialist such as one of the Certified Resume Writers on The Essay Expert’s team.

6. Guidance for choosing/working with recommenders

An Admissions Consultant can review an applicant’s choice of recommenders if that’s a concern, and provide extensive recommendation dos and don’ts.

7. Research Suggestions

An Admissions Consultant will suggest research that applicants must do to truly understand their fit with specific schools, given their career and other goals.

8. Career goals insight

Although Admissions Consultants are not Career Counselors, many have significant exposure to a wide range of fields. As a result, they are often quite expert at evaluating applicants’ stated career goals, and can help advise them regarding ways to research the most appropriate and logical career path — a key element looked at by business schools.

9. Essay Strategy and Guidance

Admissions consultants spend most of their time giving applicants feedback regarding their essays. An ethical consultant will never write the essays, as this practice can lead to an automatic rejection by the admissions committee. One the applicant writes a first draft of a school’s essay set, the consultant will review and help the applicant with essay strategies. The applicant and consultant will then work together in an iterative process to make the essay set as effective as possible. The Admissions Consultant reviews each draft, sends it to the client with feedback, and continues this process until both the consultant and the client agree the set is complete and optimized.

10. Answering questions on the actual application form

A few applicants have basic questions related to how to answer a question on the actual application form, and ask the Admissions Consultant to do a quick review.

11. Questions about timeline

After submitting a group of applications, many applicant are likely to get nervous if the school hasn’t replied within an expected time frame. The consultant can provide reassurance that quite a few applicants are invited to interview right up to the last minute.

12. Interviewing

A consultant can answer questions about whether to interview on campus or with an alumnus; provide interview tips to help with interview preparation and the interview itself; share feedback from other applicants who have interviewed at a school; and conduct mock interviews if needed.

13. Strategies for getting accepted from waitlists

If you are put on a waitlist by one or more schools, the Admissions Consultant consultant can give your suggestions as to how to encourage the school to move you off the list and into the “Accepted” column.

14. Customization

A good MBA admissions consultant will customize the consulting s/he provides to meet each client’s needs. What are yours?

Please share your questions/comments below.

And stay tuned for my next article on the item of greatest concern to most: Essay Strategy.


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