1. Thank you so much for this article. Writing (and speaking) correctly is so important. Question: Verbiage-I do use this when talking about words or language. What do you use instead (if you don’t want to use “words’ or “language”)? Example: The verbiage of the document was very clear. Thank you for your expertise.

    • Thank you for your question Kimberly. In your sentence, I would say The meaning of the document was very clear, or The document was very clearly written, or The language in the document was very clear, or The author used very clear language in the document. I’m sure there are many other choices as well!

  2. How about misuse of the word “I” as in “George was speaking to my friend Lucy and I?” More and more often, I seem to be hearing the pronoun “I’ used in place of “me.” On occasion, even I get confused as to what is now considered correct grammar.

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