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A couple of weeks ago, three friends asked me for life coaching one after the other. It was an unusual string of requests, coming years after I completed my life coach training; and it made me think that maybe I should consider taking on a couple of life coaching clients to insert variety and heart-centered work into my business. I coached the friends who asked; the coaching gave them clarity and inspiration. I was left energized and clear that I was making a contribution not only to them, but to the many people that they touch. I was in my element.

Yet I didn’t take any further action.

Wake-Up Call

If you read my newsletter last week, you know that I was in a car accident on April 28. I was traveling home from a weekend about Purposeful Living and Spiritual Development – part of a year-long training where I get to immerse myself in the world of coaching and transformation. Driving on I90 from Chicago to Madison, I must have missed a signal that my lane was going to end. To avoid hitting a car to my right, I braked (hard I imagine), spun around and crashed into the dividing wall of the highway at a speed unknown to me. I did not hit any other cars.

It was all very movie-like, with the EMTs coming and taking me out of the car onto a stretcher. Fortunately, the only casualties were a couple of my ribs (broken through) and a totaled car. I was able to go home that night from the hospital. It is clear to me that things could have been much much worse.

Ever since, I have been reflecting deeply on the gifts of the “accident.” First, noticing how blessed I am to have emerged with relatively minor injuries. Second, acknowledging the difference I make for others. And third, tapping into the gift of ribs: creation/creativity (Adam’s rib) and expansion (breath). My broken ribs, the casualties of a moment of inattention, indicate to me that I have not been truly listening to some messages calling me to expand in new and creative ways.

New Action, New Creation

Remember all those messages coming to me about doing life coaching?

It’s time to pay attention.

I am a highly trained coach. I have gone through 5 weekends of training with the Coaches Training Institute and assisted at all of those weekends as well. I’ve participated in courses with Landmark Education for 7 years, including The Landmark Forum, The Advanced Course, The Self-Expression and Leadership Program, the Introduction Leaders Program, and multiple seminar series. I have started a business and participated in business coaching for the past two years, and I write resumes for top level executives.

I have spent my last 7 years preparing for this moment when I step up to the plate to do life coaching for real. The accident made that very clear, and I am grateful.

I was also inspired to write some short couplets to a song/rap structure provided during my Purposeful Living weekend. I’ve copied them here and hope they inspire you to live into your creativity too!

Note: “CHOOSE it” means choose between living powerfully and being a victim. “SHARE it” means share with as many people as possible!


When a universal call

Sends you crashing through a wall,

…then you gotta CHOOSE it…

…then you gotta CHOOSE it…


When you’re feeling pain and fright

That keep you up at night,

…then you gotta CHOOSE it…

…then you gotta CHOOSE it…


When you’re at a loss for words,

Take a listen to the birds.

…then you gotta SHARE it…

…then you gotta SHARE it…


When the morning comes about,

Just breathe in and then breathe out.

…then you gotta SHARE it…

…then you gotta SHARE it…


You don’t know what you don’t know.

So create, expand and grow!

…then you gotta SHARE it…

…then you gotta SHARE it…


What couplets might you write to this song? What signals in your life have you been noticing and then ignoring? Are there actions for you to take? Please share in the comments. And of course if you’re seeking a life coach, please contact me. Short-term or long-term clients are welcome. I’m ready.


  1. Wow. So sorry to hear about your accident! I’m glad you can find the lessons and gifts…and, of course, that you are blessed with the chance to appyl them!

  2. Brenda,

    Your ability to see the positive in all events never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

    Now that I’ve learned you are a Life Coach, with so many impressive credentials, I understand!

    And a poet to boot!

    Glad to hear you are going to help others find their paths.

    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  3. Brenda,

    So glad you’re safe … and ultimately inspired! There is no question that accidents have their way with us. Finding a new — or forgotten — path when fear takes hold of us speaks to a core vitality chance for meaning within.

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