The Essay Expert's Top 10 List of Lists from 2017Every year, I look forward to putting together my Top 10 List of Lists. I get to scroll through the year and remind myself of some of the interesting articles, blogs, and just plain fun stuff that captures my attention as soon as I start reading. Here are some lists you might want to visit as you prepare for a job search and a successful career in 2018 – and some that are pure entertainment, at least for me.

My Top 10 List

For Career & Job Trends

  1. Resume and job search trends that will dominate in 2018. The top two items on this list are near and dear to my heart: Professionally prepared resumes, which reduce typos and make you stand out, and the increasing emphasis on personality. One of my favorite webinars to present is “How to Put Personality into Your LinkedIn Profile,” and seeing this item on a top trends list confirms the importance of the topic. Culture fit will ultimately be what gets you hired.
  2. Top 10 Best Job Websites. I had this one on my list last year and I’m keeping it here in its updated form. You’ll find a mix of traditional job boards and sites that match you with employers, as well as places like that provide useful industry research. LinkedIn remains solidly on the list, of course!
  3. Job Trends for 2018. LinkedIn features prominently on this list as well. Plus read about the growing use of personality tests and social media checks, as well as efforts to reduce bias in hiring. Blind recruitment shows promise as a way to increase diversity and decrease the workplace gender gap! Plus, learn how critical the first 90 seconds of your interview is in influencing a hiring decision.
  4. 10 Workplace Trends You’ll See In 2018. I like this list especially because of the #1 item, “Leaders encourage more human interaction.” How great is that! Companies are recognizing the importance of relationship more and more. They are taking steps like designing workspaces that encourage interpersonal interaction, and cutting back on telecommuting in favor of phone calls, video conferencing, and in-person meetings. I also like  #5, “Financial and mental wellness get prioritized.” Many companies are providing loan repayment assistance to ease their employees’ financial burdens, and HR is acknowledging the value of “mental health days” and easily accessible mental health services.
  5. 10 Career Resolutions for the new year. This list encompasses directly career-related items and also self-care and self-improvement. All of these are so intertwined and so important.

For Fun

  1. Top 10 Videos of 2017. Some of the videos here are mind-blowing. You will definitely want to view the Iceland one on full screen! Enjoy the stunning sights and sounds. I know I did!
  2. The Voice’: All 11 Coaches Ranked From Best to Worst. How does Blake do it? His team members win the show way too often for there to be any coincidence here. Why would anyone pick a different coach, other than that they hope to get stolen by Blake? Okay yes, I’m obsessed with this show.
  3. The Bachelor and Bachelorette Couples: Who Made Their Love Last? The Bachelor Nation doesn’t have a great track record of lasting relationships, but a significant few have made it past the fantasy world. If you’re a hopeless romantic like I am, you might enjoy this list.
  4. 10 Shocking Things You Can Legally Send in the Mail. I was fairly shocked to learn that there was a time when children were mailed to grandma for a visit. And this is just one of the things on the “mailing list” that raised my eyebrows. Maybe you’ll come up with an idea for a holiday gift here. Happy reading!
  5. 10 of the Most Anticipated Books Out in 2018. From Brave by Rose McGowan, about her life and role in the Harvey Weinstein scandal, to The Monk of Mokha by Dave Eggers, a true story about a Yemeni-American dedicated to coffee in the midst of his country’s 2015 civil war, to many more writings about survival, resilience, ambition and creativity, these books are not to be missed.

I hope you enjoy exploring my recommendations. What are your favorite lists looking back on 2017 or forward to 2018? Please share!

And if you’re looking to take your career to the next level in 2018, I’d love to help. Send me your resume and LinkedIn profile URL and I’ll be happy to suggest the resume writing and/or LinkedIn profile writing service that will get the best results for you!

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