The Art of Choosing the Right MBA Admissions Consultant

The Art of Choosing the Right MBA Admissions ConsultantYou’re applying to business school and you’re doing your research. Google results are abundant, to put it mildly. How will you choose the right MBA admissions company for you?

I recently received a message from an MBA applicant (I’ll call him Sam) who was in exactly that situation. He wanted help with his MBA application essays for Harvard and Stanford Business Schools and he knew where he was applying and what he needed to do, so he did not need any other consulting services. It was clear that he was shopping around to many MBA admissions companies that he had found online. This man, like you, was doing his research!

Assessing Your Options for MBA Admissions Consulting

What Sam had discovered is that when you do internet research for MBA admissions support, you’ll find a range of options and a range of professionality. Some companies promise great things but are slow to respond to communications. Others are “boutique” consultants who graduated from top schools and offer only full-service solutions that include consulting on all aspects of the application. Then there’s The Essay Expert (that’s me) who offers MBA admissions essay consulting, without other coaching around the admissions process.

Sam needed The Essay Expert.

This is not to say that everyone is a good fit for “essay only” services. If you need the full range of MBA admissions consulting, then another consultant at The Essay Expert, or perhaps another company, would be a better fit. But if you are struggling with your essays, I’m your gal.

How The Essay Expert Makes a Difference in MBA Admissions Essays

As a resume writer, I’ve gotten quite an education in business. That, combined with my writing background, makes me a great fit for someone who wants to work only on the essay portion of the application. Sam was that person. He needed one hour of my time to turn around his MBA admissions essays.

Sam sent me two essays he had already written. Both had some great content, but they didn’t hold together. The themes introduced in his opening lines did not carry through the entire essay, so the reader was left a bit confused.

After a 30-minute conversation with me, Sam was ready to take a new approach that incorporated information from both essays. He sent it to me, I edited it to make it hold together from beginning to end, and he ran it by colleagues who all gave it the thumbs up. He was able to submit his applications before his deadline.

Choosing The Essay Expert as Your MBA Admissions Consultant

Sam let me know that “what has set you apart is your responsiveness + the marketing/messaging that “I help with essays and will do tailored essay help.”

Does this messaging speak to you? If so, please fill out our MBA admissions form to start the conversation.

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