Turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie AND whipped cream. The essential elements to the perfect Thanksgiving meal. We all know that one of the best things about Thanksgiving dinner is the sheer variety of the spread.Thanksgiving Variety and 6 Human Needs

This Thanksgiving I found myself thankful for the variety that is present in my life—and for a richness that extends beyond the Thanksgiving table.

Variety is identified by Anthony Robbins as one of the Six Human Needs. I have been aware for a long time that variety is important to me—and have even found that I crave monotony from time to time to break up the variety! The need for participating in diverse activities has been at the source of my business model: I have created a job for myself where a mix of projects shows up daily.

For instance, in one single day this week, here were just a few tasks I tackled:

  1. Spent two hours on the phone with the GM (General Manager) of an international manufacturing company in China, perfecting his resume and learning about factories in China.
  2. Edited the homepage for The Wisdomkeeper Connection LLC (I pulled out my women’s spiritual training for this one!)
  3. Edited a research report on barriers to career advancement for women and people of color and how those barriers can be overcome through effective networking (yes I took women’s studies in college!).
  4. Provided material to the author of Social Networking Job Search for Dummies, Joshua Waldman, for use in a coupon book he will be distributing on his book tour.
  5. Stuffed 187 holiday letters to past clients (ah…  a repetitive task).
  6. Spoke with two new resume writers who will be joining The Essay Expert team.

Yes, I have a LOT of variety in my work. As far as I’m concerned, the more different types of projects I can work on the better.  While this inclination makes it hard to target a niche market, it seems to work for me.

Variety is a close sibling to richness, and I appreciate that my life is rich as well as varied. Spending time with family over the holidays was a wonderful way to learn about where I came from and to enjoy the next generation for who they are (and are becoming). I am thankful that I can take my work with me so that I never have to worry about missing business-related messages as I celebrate the holidays.Flowers and sun

With computer and cell phone in tow, I can go almost anywhere any time—and never run out of vacation days! This capability opens up many opportunities for a rich and fulfilling life, whether it’s attending workshops, spending time with family, or just exploring a new locale.

In January I will be traveling to New York for a week to support my mom who is having elective surgery. That trip will add to the variety and richness in my life, as well as meet four more of the 6 Human Needs: Significance, Connection/Love, Growth and Contribution.

Who could ask for anything more?


I’d love to hear how you generate variety and richness in your life. What are you creating as the New Year approaches?  Please share below!


  1. You’re the second person who mentioned whipped cream related to Thanksgiving to me this year, something I’d never heard of before. But in its place, I’d substitute another need which you overlooked, apple pie. Thanksgiving requires both pumpkin and apple pie.

    Best of luck to your mom for her surgery.

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