Welcome to the second part of The Essay Expert’s 2-part article about how to craft great job and scholarship applications. Remember, many of these tips apply to interviews too! For the first 5 tips click here .

Here are my next 5 tips to avoid these common pitfalls in your writing and get yourself noticed!

6. Lack of clear organization or focus

If your writing or speaking lacks organization or focus, you are almost sure to lose your audience’s attention. In a good essay, the writer is clear about the purpose of every word and every sentence. Stay focused as to what you are writing, where you are going, and why you’re saying what you’re saying. Sometimes, focus is difficult to maintain on your own; after all, you understand yourself perfectly and have infinite patience for yourself! It takes trained eyes and ears to evaluate whether you?re really getting your point across.

7. Speaking in generalities

Here’s an example of a sentence that is too general to have its intended effect: “I am a hard working, determined individual driven by success and the love for acquiring knowledge.” Without examples of this hard work, determination, and love of knowledge, this sentence doesn’t say much of anything. The applicant would be better served by giving a concrete example of even one of these attributes. By describing a challenge she faced and how she handled it, she will keep the audience’s attention and make the impression she wants.

8. Complaining or speaking negatively about past experiences

If you say anything negative about a prior position, your reader or interviewer will expect you to be complaining about your new position in short order. There are ways to give even the most negative experiences a positive spin. Not sure it’s possible? Speak with The Essay Expert.

9. Using formal or stilted language in written materials

You are writing to human beings. Write to them in conversational English. Although you do not want to get too casual with your language, you also do not want to sound awkward or pretentious. We recommend reading your writing aloud before pushing the send button. You might realize things about your language — and your punctuation — that you would never have noticed by reading silently!

10. Including extra information or attachments

Unless expressly invited to do so on an application, do not attach outside information, attachments, videos, links to websites, pdfs, etc. as supplementary materials. If you are unsure about the guidelines, there is no shame in calling the company to ask. It’s better to be safe and to follow instructions exactly.

Achieving success with your job and scholarship applications requires a lot of work and a lot of revisions. Work with The Essay Expert if you don’t want to do it all on your own.

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