LinkedIn Podcasts and Interviews and Webinars, Oh MyWith the coronavirus spreading like wildfire, the amount of material available online has expanded just as exponentially. Personally, I would love to listen to Deepak Chopra and Oprah for morning meditation each day, hang out on my porch all morning taking online fitness classes, learn to cook with awesome online videos for the afternoon, then watch Netflix and attend Zoom dance parties at night. But the reality is that we all do need to work if we are blessed to have opportunities to do so. And if we don’t, we need to be looking for those opportunities.

If I ever figure out how to record a combination yoga class, dance party and LinkedIn podcast, you will be the first to know! In the meantime, I have a few free resources to offer you in the form of LinkedIn podcasts, interviews and webinars that can help with finding work or attracting customers during this time.

Following are some recent podcasts that are fun to listen to (due to the skill of my interviewers of course!) and that will give you some valuable guidance as you attack your resume and LinkedIn projects while sheltering at home.

You can find all these LinkedIn podcasts on my Media page.

Focus the Fire – Create a KILLER LinkedIn Profile with Brenda Bernstein [LinkedIn Podcast]

In my conversation via LinkedIn podcast with Dalan Vanterpool, you will get

  • The story of I got to where I am today – including my roots on Sesame Street
  • Why How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile might be the best and the hardest book you’ll ever read!
  • The differences between a resume and a LinkedIn profile
  • Tips on choosing a resume writer
  • Formatting advice for resumes
  • Top moves you need to be making on LinkedIn
  • The benefits of writing your About section in the first person
  • Thoughts on attachments to your LinkedIn profile
  • When to put your credentials in your name field
  • Etiquette and connection guidelines to get the most out of LinkedIn
  • Information on The Essay Expert’s offerings – and a special offer!

CareerPivot – How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile with Brenda Bernstein [LinkedIn Podcast]

In my conversation with Marc Miller, you will learn

  • The 3 Ls of LinkedIn (Locatability, Likability, and Aliveness)
  • The importance of choosing and building your connections wisely
  • The most important spots to put your keywords
  • What to aim for in your visual appearance on LinkedIn, including your head shot and graphics
  • How to put personality into your LinkedIn profile
  • Tips for staying alive on LinkedIn – both on and off the platform itself

Career Warrior – The Best Way to Network on LinkedIn | Warm Game with Brenda Bernstein [LinkedIn Podcast]

Listen to me speak with Chris Villanueva about these LinkedIn topics:

  • The exciting story of how my book came to be
  • Why you must be on LinkedIn if you’re serious about networking
  • What to say when you reach out to connections on LinkedIn
  • How to find the right people to connect with – including alumni from your school
  • The importance of the hidden job market
  • The power of commenting
  • The danger of generic invitations and how to send customized notes – even from your phone!
  • Best strategies for cold calling – and biggest mistakes to avoid
  • Why you absolutely must differentiate yourself and DO YOU!

Again, just go to my Media page to listen to these LinkedIn podcasts and more. No handwashing required.

Stay safe and healthy please – and take this time to get your resume and LinkedIn ducks in a row so you’re ready for anything both now and when this crisis is over.

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