How to Make LinkedIn Work for YouOn July 30th, I was interviewed by the charismatic Pete Mockaitis of Awesome at Your Job on “Making LinkedIn Work for You.”

We covered lots of ground, including

  1. Two keys to crafting an eye-grabbing LinkedIn profile
  2. Who needs a LinkedIn profile and who maybe doesn’t
  3. What to do to be both searchable and likable on LinkedIn
  4. How to make an impact with your LinkedIn Summary
  5. How to grow your LinkedIn network past 500 people quickly and responsibly
  6. The case for making recommendations

I won’t spend a lot of time talking about this interview, because you can both listen to it and get a full transcript at this link:

Making LinkedIn Work for You with Brenda Bernstein

To view the transcript, scroll down to this section of the article and click on the + sign:

Or listen here:


What I will say, because I want you to get all the goodies you can get from this podcast, is that I talk about everything from Big Bird and my Sesame Street failures to the lessons we can learn from bamboo trees. Oh and I talk about blenders. That’s a lot of Bs from Brenda Bernstein! I also threw a little neuroscience in there about how to create an impression before you even meet someone in person.

And there’s more!

I highly recommend listening to or reading this interview, even if you’ve listened to my podcasts before. The tidbits on my favorite things and life lessons are especially charming, if I do say so myself, plus you get to learn about how to make LinkedIn work for you!


  1. Oops, Brenda!! Meant to send you a personalized invite to Connect after I heard you on Pete Mockaitis’ “How to Be Awesome At Your Job” podcast. 🙂 Hit the “Connect” too soon… 🙁 Really liked what you had to say! Working on updating my LinkedIn profile to focus on my day job while mentioning my joy being a professional musician on the side. Thank you for the tips you offered on this podcast interview with Pete!

    • Thanks for your comment and for connecting with me on LinkedIn, Sten. That balance between two careers can be tricky. Let me know if you are interested in my LinkedIn Profile Review service!

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