The Essay Expert’s Top 10 Grammar and Spelling Errors of 2010 was such a hit I’ve decided to continue on the New Year’s theme.  What are The Essay Expert’s New Year’s Resolutions (Ressaylutions?)  They range from improvements to my communications with you, my readers, to new ventures in my creative life.

6 New Year’s Ressaylutions for The Essay Expert:  2011 New Years Resolution

1.       Convert my website to WordPress. From everything I read, WordPress is the way to go for ease of use and search engine optimization (SEO).  I found a company in India that is working on this project for me as I type.  I’m excited to make my own website changes instead of always depending on a designer.

2.       Make it easier for my readers to choose the topic they want to read about. This means having 4 separate e-lists:  a) Job Search (Resumes & Cover Letters); b) College Admissions; c) LinkedIn & Professional Writing; and d) Everything; e) Current Blog & Newsletter only.  Within the next 3 months I plan to give subscribers a chance to choose their topic(s) so they won’t get emails about issues that may not interest them.

3.       Create autoresponders. This project is related to ressaylution #2.  Once someone signs up for a particular list, he or she will receive a weekly email with relevant information.  Some of that information will be my older articles on the subscriber’s chosen topic.  This way new subscribers won’t miss out on the great articles I wrote in the past!

4.       Guest blog. I wrote for other people’s blogs quite a bit when I first started my business, and it has been a while since that has happened.  I look forward to creating alliances with some other bloggers and exchanging our wisdom!

5.       Start an Artist’s Way group. I will be stirring up more creative energy in my life and in the world by leading an Artist’s Way group.  Whether this group will be virtual/remote or in-person or both has not been determined.  The Artist’s Way is a 12-week program that unblocks creativity through writing daily “morning pages,” going on weekly “artist’s dates,” and doing other prescribed exercises.  I’ve already started morning pages (2 days down, a lifetime to go!) and took my inner artist on a chilly walk tonight.  If you’re interested in participating in a group, please contact me at or 608-467-0067.

6.       Continue to write and share about writing issues, job search issues, and sometimes life issues that strike my fancy each week and that my readers care about.  Expect some short articles from time to time that simply share an example of a writing issue I’ve seen that week.  I believe real life examples are the best way to teach since they represent the challenges many of you are dealing with every day (that’s not “everyday”)!

What are some of your resolutions for 2011?  And/or what would you like to see from The Essay Expert in the coming year?  I look forward to your comments.


  1. I love your resolutions. I want to switch my over to for the added options it has. Guest blogging is also on my list. I am feeding my inner artist with SoulCollage and sharing it with others by holding workshops.

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