touchdownWe’re coming into the 4th Quarter of 2016, and we all know games CAN be won in the 4th quarter! I’m reviewing the goals I set up to reach in January—my New Year’s “Ressaylutions”—and assessing how I can win my game!

Here are my promises from January and how I’m measuring up:

1. Infuse my WHY statement throughout The Essay Expert’s website.

I’m thinking of this as my team huddle. The statement that motivates me, my writing team, and our clients. I’ve put my WHY statement on my new homepage,, on our new Why The Essay Expert page, and on my company Facebook page. It reads:

At The Essay Expert, we don’t go to bed until we know we’ve captured your essence on paper. That’s what gets each one of us up in the morning, because that’s what will excite the right company or school about you. Not the person next to you. Not a list of bullet points. You.

I added more “why” focused descriptions to my Executive Resume & LinkedIn Success Package, Mid-Level Resume & LinkedIn Success Package, and Entry-Level Resume & LinkedIn Success Package pages too. Here’s an example:

Our professional resume and LinkedIn profile writers will make sure you stand out from the competition, highlighting your strengths and accomplishments so you don’t sound like everyone else.

the-essay-expert-why-statmentI’ll continue to look for ways to infuse every communication with my WHY. Go team!

2. Provide better information on services on my site.

I’ve made a lot of progress here and took the opportunity of a new website to put better descriptions of my services on the pages. I just added this information to my new “a la carte” pages. I’d say I got my first down on this one!

3. Serve 250 clients.

Alternate play! The Essay Expert has been catering to more of an executive audience, including those seeking Board positions. To serve this market, we’ve on-boarded a few amazing new writers with great talent in executive resume writing. We’ve refocused instead of expanded.

4. Publish 2 new editions of How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile.

Touchdown! I released the 13th edition and am almost ready with the 14th. Right on schedule.

5. Get How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile in front of colleges and universities.

This one might be in the realm of managing the hot dog vendors ;-). To increase book distribution, I made a lot of cold calls to college bookstores, many of whom agreed to carry my book. I also submitted How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile for consideration by Barnes & Noble. And I received an inquiry from Skyhorse Publishing, who may be interested in publishing a trade version of my book if it’s not accepted by Barnes & Noble. So I’ve made a bit of progress!

Is there a library, college bookstore, or career center in your area that you would like to carry my book? Please go into your local establishment and request the book if you want it!

6. Increase college essay / personal statement portion of my business to 25% of business.

Time out. Instead of focusing here, I’ve put efforts into building my executive resume writing business. For now this one is on hold.

7. Find an editor to do some of the editing of resumes and LinkedIn profiles that I’m currently doing.

Seeking an assistant coach! I interviewed some potential editors and so far haven’t found the right match. I am also seeking someone to help with sales calls and client inquiries. If you know someone you think would be a great resume editor or sales person, please send them my way!

EXTRA POINTS: One big project I undertook was redesigning my website – again. This was not on my list, but it was a huge accomplishment which is still underway. The site was launched and we’re working out the kinks. I’m calling this my “extra points” – although it has come with some unexpected new challenges and items which will likely show up on my goals for next year.

It looks like I have my work cut out for me for the fall in order to win in this 4th quarter. How about you? I encourage you to look at your 2016 resolutions to see where you might want to recommit. Please share – putting your promise and progress out to someone else creates accountability and makes it more likely that you will win your game!

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