20 Things to Put on Your Bucket List

20 Things to Put on Your Bucket ListThe end of the year provides a great opportunity for reflection, and in my quarterly business planning day with ActionCOACH in Madison, we did a lot of reflecting. I looked at my experiences, both personal and professional, over the past year, and what the impact has been on who I am. I examined what would need to change about myself to accomplish the things I didn’t accomplish. And I celebrated the accomplishments I did achieve. I wrote a gratitude list that included everything from fennel soup to yoga to the amazing people in my life—friends, family, and clients.

Finally, I wrote down some of the things on my “bucket list”– the proverbial list of things to do before I “kick the bucket.” On that list were things like traveling to Japan and Seattle, swimming with dolphins, being a Big Sister, and writing my Life and Leadership book. I also want one of those cool Apple Series 3 watches that counts my swim strokes for me. These items speak to my desire to be adventurous, make a difference for someone, and be at the top of my fitness game. They are more than activities and things; they are about who I want to be.

This week, as we approach the last stretch of 2017, I invite you to look into the future, toward the things that you want to be part of your ideal life and the ideal you in the future.

Below are some categories offered by ActionCOACH that might spark some ideas – and some that I added. See if you can list something in every category.

For the purposes of the exercise, don’t worry about money or practicality. Put your skeptic aside and go wild! Celeste Chua, the author of Bucket List Ideas: 101 Things To Do Before You Die, suggests that you come up with 101 things for your bucket list. That’s a lot of things, but they sure will be a lot of fun to check off! And the exercise is completely free!

20 Questions to Generate Your Bucket List

  1. Meet someone you admire
  2. Have a particular conversation
  3. Achieve something you want to achieve
  4. Reach a physical fitness goal
  5. Buy or acquire a special item
  6. Give a gift
  7. Embark on an ultimate challenge
  8. Conquer a fear
  9. Perform kind acts for others
  10. Express your creativity
  11. Learn something new or improve a skill
  12. Leave a legacy
  13. Do something silly/idiotic/ridiculous/crazy fun!
  14. Satisfy a curiosity
  15. Travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel
  16. Live somewhere you’ve always wanted to live
  17. Go on an adventure with your family or friends
  18. Witness a special moment
  19. Work in a particular job or field
  20. Start a business

If you’re stuck, maybe one of these lists could help spark some ideas:

As you think about your answers, consider the meaning the activity or thing has for you. Who would you become by attaining or doing it? And/or who would you have to become in order to attain or do it?

If you’re willing, please share a couple of things that are on your bucket list and what those things mean to you. Let’s get this conversation going!

If you find that going back to school or embarking on a new career pursuit make your bucket list, I would be happy to help you present your best self with MBA admissions help, a custom resume, or LinkedIn profile writing.


  1. On my bucket list: visit as many National Parks as possible! This year, I had the opportunity to visit Yosemite which was spectacular. And tomorrow, I’m taking a ferry to Dry Tortugas, a NPS off the coast of Key West.

  2. This year I met John Mauceri, Maestro of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, and renown conductor of many orchestras around the world as well Professor of Music at Yale. What an honor to see him conduct numerous Leonard Bernstein pieces to celebrate his centennial birthday. Now, how do I beat that?

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