As you conduct your job search, are you clear about what type of work will be most meaningful for you while also meeting your financial requirements?  How about how the other aspects of your life impact your job search?  If you are looking for truly fulfilling work, you might benefit from the following exercise, offered by women’s life coach Britt Bolnick ( ).  Job search coaching for womenAnswering some of her suggested questions will help you gain clarity about where you are and what you need.

Note:  Some of you may remember my article, Top 10 Questions NOT to ask Yourself in Your Job Search. That advice still holds. If you are doing it alone, get some support!

Britt reminds us, “You can create work and life situations that work FOR you, instead of trying to fit yourself into work that you feel you HAVE to be doing.” This message is a great one to remember.

Here’s Britt’s exercise to get you thinking about what YOU want:

Write down the following 11 (or more) items regarding what you’re looking for in your work situation.

  1. what you want the hours to be
  2. what kind of responsibilities you enjoy
  3. what you want your advancement opportunities to be
  4. what kind of money you want to be making (think BIG!)
  5. what types of benefits you’re looking for
  6. what kind of work environment you work best in (on your own, as part of a team, outdoors, in a structured office environment, etc.)
  7. how you want to feel in the work environment (challenged, appreciated, mentally or physically stimulated, etc.)
  8. how you want to feel in the morning when you wake up for work
  9. how you want to feel at the end of the day
  10. what kind of commute you want
  11. what type of people you want to work with

Keep in mind: Knowing what you want makes it a lot more likely that you’ll find it!

Britt is offering a two-month online group coaching opportunity, Your Manifesting Abundance Program (Your MAP), for women who want to cause a change in their work or life situations.  This program will help you as you step towards creating what you truly want in your life and identify the things that have been standing in your way.  And you will learn how to manage your time and energy in the process!

This group starts Wednesday May 18th. If you’re interested in learning more, go to: Your Manifesting Abundance Program

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