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How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile

How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile… and 18 Mistakes to Avoid

By Brenda Bernstein

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This e-book contains information that no other “LinkedIn expert” covers. Ms. Bernstein offers strategic tips – including how to get your profile to the top of an Advanced Search, and what groups to join – AND she gives examples of how to write an effective profile, from your Headline to your Status Bar to your Summary Section and more.

If you want to identify and strengthen any weak points in your LinkedIn profile, How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile is a must read. Follow The Essay Expert’s advice, and you will create a frequently visited – and highly effective – LinkedIn profile.

Brenda Bernstein is the Founder of The Essay Expert LLC, a company that constructs powerful LinkedIn profiles that get people and companies noticed. She is the author of Your LinkedIn Profile Summary: How to Distinguish Yourself from Your Company, Your LinkedIn STATUS BAR – Tips for Job Seekers, Your LinkedIn Profile STATUS BAR – What Do You Want Them to Know?, Your LinkedIn Profile HEADLINE – What Would Draw You In? and Your LinkedIn Profile: 10 Most Common Errors and Omissions.

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