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The Essay Expert’s Topic Lists are Here! College Admissions, Grammar & Writing Tips, Job Search, and LinkedIn/Professional Writing

I am thrilled and delighted to announce that the project to create topic-specific e-lists for The Essay Expert is at long last complete! The topics are (drumroll anyone?): College Admissions, Grammar & Writing Tips, Job Search (Resumes, Cover Letters, and more), and LinkedIn/Professional Writing.

I will be forever grateful to my intern, Robin Reinke, without whom I am quite certain this feat never would have been accomplished.

If you are currently subscribed to my blog, you receive my most up-to-date article each week, written on a topic of my choice. Now you have the opportunity to receive both older and newer articles on the topic of *your* choice!

By signing up now for one or more specific topic lists, you will get to read my best articles on your chosen topic, some of which I wrote a year or two ago, and all of which are absolutely essential to helping you write the documents you need. You will no longer be missing out on my best wisdom!

You will also continue to receive my current blog posts unless you unsubscribe from tee_everything, which is the list you are currently subscribed to. If you unsubscribe, you will not receive my most current postings as they are generated, although you will eventually get some of them if they become part of the series for your specific topic. Please find the arrangement that works best for you.

Again, I am very pleased to roll out these lists and hope these new options enhance your user experience with The Essay Expert. Here’s where to go to sign up for my new lists:

Webinars: How to Write a Killer Linkedin Profile and Resume 101

My e-lists are not the only things that are growing. I had approximately 200 people on my May 20 webinar with You can still listen for FREE to How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile.

To listen to the webinar CLICK HERE:

My Resume 101 webinar on April 28 was SOLD OUT so I did a repeat presentation on May 2. To listen for FREE to Resume 101 CLICK HERE.

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Charlotte Golden, a college-age costume designer, obtained an extremely competitive costuming internship at the Westin Playhouse in Vermont. Congratulations Charlotte!

Monica "Mo" Kappes obtained her dream job at the University of Wisconsin as an Experiential Education Specialist. She started working there months ago and just let me know about the new position. Congratulations Mo!

What people have to say about The Essay Expert

“Unless you have the rare job that requires no communication with other human beings, you will benefit from regular and careful reading of Brenda Bernstein's advice in her blog and in other platforms. She knows her stuff. Her advice for job seekers in a variety of settings is both accessible and sound. Best of all, she writes and presents with grace and humor. Brenda is a "must read" and "must consult" for people entering, re-entering, or reconfiguring their place at work.”

~ Susan Gainen, Owner at Pass the Baton, Minneapolis, MN. May 11, 2011

“How to Write a Killer LinkedIn Profile was very informative and the examples given were easy to understand and easily implemented. Brenda, I commend you for sharing your expertise because it will help me improve my profile and add new information that will further enhance my career. Thank you! "

~ La Donna Brooks, Healthcare Professional/CSR. Milwaukee, WI. May 21, 2011

"I attended Brenda's How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile and found it extremely helpful. Brenda has some great ideas presented in a clear, low key way that is very inviting and easy to listen to. She gave me some great ideas to punch up my LinkedIn profile, which I implemented immediately!”

~ Geoffrey Meissner, Business IT Director, Hartford, CT. May 21, 2011

I was applying for a job that I desperately wanted. Over the past 5 years, I had applied to a number of jobs in the outdoor education field, but my experience wasn't getting the right attention from employers. I decided to go all out and hire The Essay Expert. Wow, was that a smart decision! Brenda helped me write a resume that truly conveyed my strengths, and I got the interview! Her process of talking me through my work experience helped me realize what I had to offer, which helped me in the interview itself. Two months later, I am working in my dream job. I recommend Brenda's services to anyone who is looking to redo their resume and make it a document that will impress any employer. Thanks Brenda!

~Monica Kappes, Experiential Education Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI. May 31, 2011.

College Corner

Message to Rising Seniors: Start Your Essays NOW!

I'm not the only one who encourages students to start their college application essays over the summer!

The New York Times agrees. In their blog, "The Choice," Alan Gelb, author of Conquering the College Admissions Essay in 10 Steps, recommends that rising college seniors turn off the TV, start thinking, start writing, and have fun doing it! Sound like a tall order? For the full article, go to Juniors: In the Quiet of Summer, Start Your Essays.

For The Essay Expert's college admissions essay advice, CLICK HERE and/or subscribe to our college admissions topic-specific blog! College Admissions Blog.

Job Seeker Central

11 Questions to Ask Yourself to Create Meaningful Work

As you conduct your job search, are you clear about what type of work will be most meaningful for you while also meeting your financial requirements?  How about how the other aspects of your life impact your job search?  If you are looking for truly fulfilling work, you might benefit from an exercise offered by women’s life coach Britt Bolnick ( ).  Answering some of her suggested questions will help you gain clarity about where you are and what you need. For the questions and the full article, go to 11 Questions to Ask Yourself to Create Meaningful Work.

Elements of Interest

Grammar Purists vs. Grammar Progressives

english grammarThis month we explored 10 Obsolete or Seldom Enforced Grammar Rules , such as "Never split infinitives" and "Never start a sentence with "And" or "But." [or should that be "But". ?] The other grammatical exploration was a return to the question of where to place punctuation within quotations. Slate Magazine took that question on, and I had to say something about it. See Where Should I put my quotation Marks? Slate Magazine and the Rise of "Logical Punctuation" and find out why the Brits really have it goin' on.

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